Exterior (外観)

The premises consist of a front garden, a miso storehouse, a main house, an inner parlor, a courtyard, and a backyard. It has a plastered fireproof structure, and the windows on the second floor are also equipped with steel plated fire shutters.


The building is about 116 tsubo(about 400m2) with a frontage of 10Kan(間) (20m) and a half and a depth of 11Kan(間) (21m). It has an almost square plan, with a three-row, three-tiered two-story gabled tiled roof on all four sides of the main building, and a one-and-a-half-bay shed mainly on the dirt floor and edge.

The movie "散り椿 (Chiri Tsubaki)" released in 2018 was filmed on the white-painted earthen wall of Amimoto's old house.

"瓜生新兵衛 (Uriu Shinbei)" played by 岡田准一(Junichi Okada) was used in the opening scene where he was attacked by assassins in the snow.

It seems that all this snow was actually salt.(Click here for the actual video)



Partition with front garden next to Shikidai

Side door to the courtyard

English garden

Shikidai(式台) and front hall

Passage beside Okuzashiki

Miso storehouse

Front yard

Courtyard pond

Earthen storehouse with white plaster coating and fireproof structure