Furnishings of Amimoto

Here, we will delve into the numerous furnishings left behind in the historic old house of Amimoto.

Part 1: The wall clock in the large hall! made in Germany? actually...

This wall clock hung in the center of the hall has been ticking for 110 years.

This clock is still in service and continues to chime every hour.

It was once said that the watch was made in Germany, but it turned out that it was actually made by Hasegawa Watch Co. in Aichi Prefecture.

What is this Hasegawa Clock Shop?


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Part 2: Who is the sculptor of the fragrant Inami transom? What is "清雲(Seiun)"...

In the transom of the salon tatami room, "Pine, bamboo, plum, and hawk" are carved. It is a very impressive wood carving sculpture transom.

Who is the sculptor? The sculptor's name was clearly engraved. "井波(Inami)..." Hmm?

It looks like the sculpture of Inami, which is famous for its carved transom.

Let's go to the Inami Wood carving Corporative! We actually contacted and visited the Inami Wood carving Corporative. We could  meet the author's sculptor, but we could meet the apprentice. The apprentice was a modern master craftsman.

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Part 3: Banquet photos in the Salon tatami room in the early Showa period. How beautiful is digital retouching?


A photo left behind at Amimoto's house. A banquet in the Salon tatami room. If you look closely, you can see that the carved wooden transom has not yet been installed. It looks like a photo taken shortly after this old house was built. I've seen folding screens after that... are they still active?


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